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Here is a list of the brands and flavours we currently typically stock: (Updated 2022-02-28)

Non-Menthols (◇: Has menthol listings)
Lil Daawg

Lil Nanas – banana & white chocolate
Lil Buttaz – butterscotch & white chocolate
Lil Strawbs – strawberry & white chocolate

Big Daawg
Petite Banane – chocolate, banana, vanilla custard
C-Crisp – coffee crisp
C-Crisp Strawberry – strawberry coffee crisp

Blue – blueberry & raspberry cotton candy
Pink – sweet watermelon cotton candy
Peach – peach cotton candy
Purple – grape cotton candy

Apple Drop
Watermelon – watermelon apple
Berries – berry apple
Double Apple – red and green apple
Cranberry – cranberry apple
Peach – peach apple

Berry Drop
Guava – guava with blue raspberry base
Pomegranate – pomegranate with blue raspberry base
Cactus – cactus with blue raspberry base & a splash of citrus
Dragon Fruit – dragon fruit with blue raspberry base

Lemon Drop (◇)
Blue Raspberry – blue raspberry lemonade
Wild Berries – berry blend lemonade
Blood Orange – blood orange lemonade
Strawberry – strawberry lemonade

Lemon Killaz
Rage – mango, pineapple & guava lemonade
Squeeze – strawberry, kiwi & watermelon lemonade

Kiwi Berry – mixed berry & kiwi
Apple Peach – green apples & peaches with a sparkling candy note

Strawberry Limesaver – strawberry lime
Orange Limesaver – orange lime

Allday Vapour
Cocoberri – coconut & blueberry
Verry Berri – blueberry & raspberry
Smoovie – banana & kiwi
Blitz – watermelon
Meloha – banana, melon & strawberry
Island Tings – blueberry & lime
Haka Punch – guava & pineapple
El Bacco – smooth & full bodied tobacco
Tobacco Mint – tobacco & mint

Island Blends
Mist – cucumber, dragon fruit, cactus & sweet melon
Mongo – ripe mango & crisp pineapple
Dancing Pineapple – pineapple & coconut

Monster Vape Labs
Banana J – bananas on warm buttery toast
Strawberry J – strawberry jam on warm buttery toast
Blackberry J – blackberry jam on warm buttery toast

Banana Bang
Peach Mango – peach, mango & banana
Blueberry Raspberry – blueberry, raspberry & banana

Black Mamba
Viper – mango, guava & sour black currant
Rattle – raspberry, dragon fruit & sour black currant
Slither – blueberry, watermelon & sour black currant
Venom – strawberry, lime & sour black currant
Bite – apple, peach & sour black currant
Boa – pineapple, coconut & sour black currant

Kapow (◇)
Pixi – sour citrus rainbow
Off Route – root beer
Classic – cola
Stick It – watermelon strawberry bubblegum

Vital (◇)
Flavourless – flavourless
Smooth – light, smooth blend of canadian tobacco

Thirst – peaches & cream
Quench – pear apricot
Replenish – watermelon mango banana smoothie

Bad Omen
Third Eye – blueberry & watermelon
Wolf Bane – passionfruit, lychee & sour peach
Night Shade – mango citrus

Dinner Lady
Blackcurrant Orange Ice
Kiwi Melon

Ohm Boy
Cranberry, Apple, & Raspberry
Rhubarb, Raspberry, & Orange Blossom
Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit

Grape Neutron – grape
Melon Magma – cantaloupe papaya
Lemon Cobalt – lemon frosting

Cloud Haven
Mixed-Up Melons – honeydew raspberry papaya
Black Razz Blueberry
Strawberry Rhubarb
Passionfruit Guava
Green Funk – cactus mango strawberry

Twelve Monkeys (◇)
Harambe – grapefruit, blood orange, lemon, lime, & guava
Haven – grape apple pear
Paradise – strawberry, banana, pineapple, & coconut
Bliss – orange mango pineapple
Lemur – lemon lime
Puris – peach citrus
Papio – pineapple
Hakuna – cranberry apple
Mangabeys – mango pineapple
Circle of Life – ripe pear
Pata’s Pipe – sweet pipe tobacco

Royal Oak – cherry whiskey tobacco
Double Barrel – cinnamon vanilla tobacco

(Brand: Flavour Name)
Aged: Perfection – vanilla bourbon
: Cannonball – vanilla praline
Blow a Loaf: Heavy Lemon – lemon poppyseed
Havenade: The Pink (◇) – pink lemonade
Juice Mang: Magic – blue raspberry mango cream
Submission: Rear Naked – blue raspberry mango
Bottom of the Bowl: Citrus Silk – froot loops & milk
: Sonic Boom – rocket pops
: Shark Berry – strawberry banana orange
Top Daawg: Blue Addiction (◇) – blue raspberry
Underdog: Guillotine – raspberry cream
Hundred: Toasted – cinnamon toast crunch & milk
Koil Killaz: Assault – blueberries dragon fruit guava
French Press: Au Lait – coffee & milk
NKD 100: Euro Gold – like the cigarettes
Stogies: Medium – like the cigarettes
Amore: Pistach – pistachio

Koil Killaz
Fury – pineapple coconut
Rampage – mango guava
Savage – strawberry kiwi
Primate – grape apple
Blitz – blueberry watermelon
Fatal – strawberry blood orange pineapple
Roundhouse – peach watermelon sour raspberry

Lemon Drop
Blueberry Ice – blueberry lemon menthol
Pineapple Ice – pineapple lemon menthol

Twelve Monkeys
Kanzi Iced – strawberry kiwi watermelon
Mangabeys Iced – mango pineapple

Banana – sweet banana with an icy cool finish

(Brand: Flavour name)
Havenade: The Pink Iced – pink lemonade
Vital: Ice – menthol
Diamond Dust: Spearmint – spearmint
Sub-Ohm Sauz: Carbonite – peppermint
: Play Naked – blue raspberry dragon fruit mangol
Top Daawg: Blue Addiction Iced – blue raspberry
Kapow: I’m Blue – sour blue raspberry frozen
Fugu: Blow – blue raspberry spearmint
Shiver: Black PomPom – pomegranate blackcurrant blackberry

Pods (◇: Is menthol)
Berry Blast – berry medley
Blue Raspberry
Crisp Apple
Tundra Berry (◇) – menthol berry medley
Frost Mint (◇)
Watermelon Mint (◇)
Grape Ice (◇)
Banana Ice (◇)
Passion Fruit
Tobacco Mint
Tobacco Blend
Allo Pods
Pomegranate Ice (◇)
Lychee Ice (◇)
Fuji Apple Ice (◇)
Orange Ice (◇)
Red Line Ice (◇) – Energy Drink menthol
Grape Ice (◇)
Spearmint (◇)
Peach Ice (◇)
Watermelon Ice (◇)
Banana Ice (◇)
Juicy Mango
Grapple – grape apple
Classic Tobacco
Orange Mango Guava Ice (◇)
Blood Orange Ice (◇)
Apple Ringer – apple peach
Classic Ice (◇) – Cola menthol
Rocket – rockets candy
Strawberry Kiwi Watermelon
Lemon Lime Banana
Slam Dunk – powdered doughnuts
Pineapple Lemon
Strawnana -strawberry banana
Tropic Breeze (◇) – pineapple coconut menthol
Japanese Bull – Energy Drink

Funky Berries – berry medley
Cool Honeydew (◇) – honeydew menthol
Pink Lemon – pink lemonade
Sour Peach – sour peach candy
Double Rainbow – rainbow candy
Voltage – blue raspberry, citrus, & ginseng

Fruitbae Pods
Passion Fruit Aloe
Raspberry Apple
Grapefruit Watermelon
Summit (◇) – strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate, & menthol
Descent (◇) – blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, & menthol
Avalanche (◇) – green apple, honeydew, watermelon, & menthol

Lemon Drop Pods
Peach – lemon & peach
Punch – lemonade & fruit punch
Pink – pink lemonade

(Brand: Flavour name)
Hope: Creme – vanilla custard
Japello’s: Tropics – banana pineapple coconut
Japello’s: Helen’s Melons – watermelon candy
Labo LVS: Confusion – mango, raspberry, lime, & grapefruit
Labo LVS: Patrie – vanilla tobacco
Shijin: Blue Raspberry & Green Apple
Sub Ohm Invasion: Lemon Ice (◇) – lemon menthol
Don Cristo: Original – smooth cigar tobacco

Disposables (◇: Is menthol)
Allo Disposables
The names are the flavours

Flavours are names here, too

Blizzard (◇) – menthol
Classic – Cola
O.M.G. – orange mango guava
Roots – root beer
Hyper – Energy Drink
Everything else is self-explanatory

T-Daawg Disposables
Carbonite (◇) – peppermint menthol
C-Crisp – coffee crisp
Play Naked (◇) – blue raspberry, dragonfruit, mango, & menthol

(Brand: Flavour name)
Vimo: Blue Razz Elite – blue raspberry
Vimo: Deluxe Lush Iced – juicy watermelon
Rage: Blue Lush – blueberry watermelon
Rage: Sunset (◇) – tropical fruit blend & menthol
OX Bars: (The name is the flavour)